Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1-4 Months

5 weeks old
Beth's First Halloween
Halloween was our first outing since all of the surgery drama. It felt good to get out of the house. We went up to my parent's and carved pumpkins and were entertained by my parent's funny costumes. They of course gave out their ritual "halloweenies" (aka hot dogs) to the trick-or-treaters. It always brings back good memories, being over there for the Halloween traditions.

I was very proud of our pumpkins. Both the ones we carved, and our little Beth.

6 weeks old
This is when we realized that Beth was a little too big to be taking baths in the sink.
I guess it was time to move to the tub!

My Dad and Beth taking a little rest together.

Having some grandpa time, celebrating Mark Lehnhof's birthday.

And grandma time is always good too.

Beth loved sleeping in her bouncer a this age. I swear she preferred it to her bed sometimes.

I love this picture. Mostly because I think this is when she really started to look like a big-little-kid, one that doesn't look like a newborn anymore.
On a side not, I was looking at these little clothes a while ago and couldn't believe how small they are now!

7 weeks old

Kisses from Daddy

This is how we would bundle up Beth during the cold winter months. We kind of went overboard sometimes. Poor thing would occasionally wake up sweating profusely! But it just made me sad to think if she ever got cold. Even now when it is warm I still bring a little blanket along.

8 weeks old
Growth - 2 Months: 13 lbs (95%), 24 inches (95%)
When Beth was 8 weeks old we moved her from the bassinet in our room to her crib in her room! She was sleeping 12 hours through the night! No more nighttime feedings!!
I know this is unreal, her sleeping habits. But here are the 3 things I give the credit to:

1. Her temperament. Beth has always been a good sleeper by nature.

2. The book On Becoming Babywise (Thanks for showing me this Mary!!)

3. Blessings from Heavenly Father. It really helped me to heal quickly with everything that was going on having Beth sleep like such a dream.

Thanksgiving Day

Beth has always loved to munch on her hands! It's so funny to see her when she gets excited because she'll just quickly breathe deep and then pop, the hands go right up to the mouth.

Sometimes I would find her sleeping in the funniest ways. We always swaddled her arms down and sometimes she would find a way out.

10 Weeks old

On December 5, 2010 Beth was blessed. Dan gave such a sweet blessing. It was a special day that I will always remember.
This is one of my favorite pictures of our family.

She looked so pretty in her dress and cute white shoes. My mom gave her the outfit with a special poem that she wrote.

We let her roam free in her diaper for part of the time just to take a break from the dress and also so she didn't destroy it before the day was over. Look how sweet this picture is. It really makes me tear up. Beth has so many people who love her.

In December, we finally got our act together and sent out her birth announcement.

13 weeks old
Sitting in her Bumbo Seat

14 weeks old
December 25, 2010 - Beth's First Christmas!

Look at her hair! It really stands straight up like that on it's own!

The day I took this picture, Beth was so mad. I had to get a picture of it because it made me laugh! It was just a couple days after Christmas. She was upset just trying to get back to normal after all of the festivities.

15 weeks old
Cute Sadie holding Beth.

16 weeks old
Growth - 4 Months: 15 lbs 5 oz (87%), 26 inches (97%)
Beth starting buzzing her lips together and I would often hear her as she woke up in the morning and from her naps buzzing away. She would do it so vigorously that the buzzing would make bubbles! I laughed so hard when I found her like this one morning. Nice gotee.

Dan and Beth look so much alike!!

Beth lights up being around other kids. She loves all her cousins! Here she is with Jane and Scott. Once again, hands in the mouth because she is excited.

This is the happiest picture of Beth up until this date.

Cozy little creature in this blanket.
Having this little one around is such a joy!